Creating VS Code Extension Pack

Extension Packs are the type of extension that contain the bundle of other extensions. Extension packs can be crate for easy sharing extensions or to managing extensions. Below are the steps to create the Extension pack in Visual Studio Code:

STEP-1: Download and install node. After installing run node -v to check if node install properly.

STEP-2: Install Yeoman and Visual Studio Code Extension Generator by running npm install -g yo generator-code command in the VS Code terminal or in cmd. 

 STEP-3: Once you have installed Yeoman, open your terminal, navigate to project directory and run yo code command and select New Extension Pack from the options and press enter. 

STEP-4: You will be prompted with many questions. After answering these questions the extension pack template will be created. 

STEP-5: Open package.json file and add unique identifier for each extension you want to add in extensionPack array.

STEP-6: The extension pack is competed here, but for completeness you have to add icon, Publisher, README and CHAGELOG file. If you add icon then repository must also be defined. 

STEP-7: Install VSCE package to publishing your extension by running npm install -g VSCE command. 

STEP-8: Create vsix package by running vsce package command. 

STEP-9:  Go to Publisher Management Page to upload the Extension. Video show the complete tutorial