How To Remove GRUB for Windows 10 Bootloader

If you’ve installed Ubuntu or any Other Linux based OS along with Windows 10, Grub Bootloader is also installed along with it to boot the OS. Grub Bootloader lets you Boot the OS along with Windows 10.  

After uninstall Ubuntu or any other Linux Based OS Grub Bootloader remains installed. You can Uninstall and Remove Grub Bootloader from Windows 10. Once you’ve done this, Grub Bootloader will no longer available on your computer.

Remove Grub Bootloader

1. Type Windows Key + R to open Run box and type cmd inside it.

Run Dialogbox

2. type diskpart in cmd window and click yes when prompted.

cmd windows

3. This will opens the new window 

diskpart window

4. Type command "list vol" this will show you all the disk volume. one of this will be EFI/System volume, it will always in FAT32 format

disk vol

5. Select the volume by "Select Volume X" command where X will be replaced by volume number or EFI/System volume.

select volume

7. Assign the letter to volume using "Assign Letter=X" command, where x will be replaced by any letter. For convenience I'm assigning letter Z. Type "Exit" command to close the window after assigning the letter.  

Assign Letter

8. Now Open Command Prompt as an Administration. If prompted press Yes.

cmd administration

9. Type "Z:" command to access the EFI drive. 

z command

10. Type the command "dir" to find the directory inside the drive. 

z dir

11. Now type "cd EFI" command to go inside the EFI directory. 

cd EFI

12. Type "dir" to view the directory the directory inside. There will be more than 2 directory one will be Microsoft, second will Boot and third will be the OS directory that was uninstalled it may be Ubuntu if you uninstalled ubuntu. In my case the third directory is Android. 

dir efi

13. Type "rmdir /s OSNAME" command, where OSNAME will be replaced by your OSNAME, to delete the GRUB bootloader from your computer. If prompted press Y. 

delete Grub

14. Exit the command prompt and restart the computer the GRUB bootloader is not longer available. 

To see the complete tutorial watch video 


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    1. mine also showing hidden but showing one more directory of ubuntu
      it works

  2. great method, it works for me.
    thanks very much

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    1. why are you putting a win 10 download link here?

  4. Thank you. Clear, concise instructions that worked well (where other methods did not)!

  5. Thanks so much for doing this - worked where other methods did not as stated above.

  6. Thanks that got me out of a bind. Gonna miss Linux though

  7. This is truly great! everything worked as described. Thanks a lot!!!

  8. Thank you, it worked fast and simple. But after deleting the GRUB bootloader, I realized windows explorer is considering EFI system partition as local disk(Z:) and it appeared alongside other local disks. For those have the same problem, the solution is here answered by user (Japelo_1976) :