How to hide files in VS Code file explorer

Visual Studio Code is a free open source code editor made by Microsoft for Linux, MacOS and Windows. It provides rich set of built-in tools and thousand of extension are also available to extend the functionality. 
In this post I'm showing you that how can you hide files and folder from visual studio code explorer to work in clean environment. follow the steps:

STEP 1. Open VS Code.

STEP 2. Click the Gear icon in bottom-left corner and select setting from the menu or type Ctrl + , to open setting menu

STEP 3. In the search box of setting menu type files.exclude and press enter. 

STEP 4. Click on Add Pattern button and make additional entries, for example to hide the .gitignore file type **/.gitignore and click OK button.

STEP 5. Done. Enjoy the new clean explorer. you can download Make Hidden extension to find more control on hidden files and you can download KM Productivity Extensions Pack to find amazing tool that can increase you productivity. 


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